What Can I use My SHO Original For?

You can use your SHO Original to keep liquids hot or cold.

The SHO Original keeps liquids cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours.

What Liquids Can I Put In?

You can put virtually any drink in your SHO Original; Water, Squash, Tea, Coffee, Smoothies, Fruit Juice & Wine are just a few examples :)

Can I Put Carbonated/Fizzy Drinks In My SHO Original?

We do not recommend putting carbonated drinks in your SHO Original. This is because the air-tight vacuum seal maintains the pressure in the bottle which can result in a "champagne cork" moment when opening your SHO Original and be dangerous for both yourself & others around you. 

Your SHO Original can also leak when filled with carbonated drinks/sparkling water.

Can I Store Liquids Long-Term In My SHO Original?

No, your SHO Original is not designed for long-term storage of liquids.

Alcohol, fruit juices & dairy based drinks can spoil (ferment) and result in significant pressure building up in your SHO Original. This can cause product failure & injury on opening. 

Can I Store Warm Milk In My SHO Original?

We do not recommend storing warm milk in your SHO Original as heated milk can be a fertile ground for bacteria growth.

This should not affect storage of tea or coffee with milk for up to 12 hours.