What Can I use My SHO Food Flask For?

You can use your SHO Food Flask to keep food and liquids hot or cold.

The SHO Food Flask keeps food and liquids cold for 18-24 hours or hot for 8-12 hours.

You can put virtually any food or liquid in your SHO Food Flask. The SHO Food Flask is ideal for soups, pasta, salad, porridge, fruit, vegetables... Pretty much anything!

User discretion is advised when using the SHO Food Flask with foods or liquids that can spoil easily. Do not store food or liquids in the SHO Food Flask for long periods. 

Make sure the SHO Food Flask is thoroughly cleaned and dried between uses and store with the lid off.

Do not overfill the SHO Food Flask.

Be careful when opening when hot food/ liquids are inside the SHO Food Flask.